Wallaby Hill


Berry, NSW

Service Provided

Wallaby Hill project in Berry, NSW was a stunning new build where Jess Hunter Interior Design was tasked with designing the bathrooms, kitchen, pantry, and bedroom joinery, along with creating the interior colour scheme. Drawing inspiration from the surrounding natural elements  Рthe ocean and luscious hinterland, our team crafted a scheme that beautifully reflected these landscapes. The result was a harmonious blend of nature and luxury, creating a truly unique and inviting space.
With a focus on combining elegance and functionality, the joinery in this project exemplified the high standards of Jess Hunter Interior Design. From the sleek kitchen cabinets to the custom bathroom vanities, every detail was carefully crafted to enhance the overall design. The use of quality timber and expert craftsmanship ensured a timeless and sophisticated finish, making this project a standout in the realm of luxury homes.